Cracks of soiling

The foundations of houses and buildings are constantly exposed to various environmental stresses such as soil movement due to frost, thaw or the lack of water. We can find most of the time on a foundation that has undergone this kind of transformation of crack traces of soiling. In most cases, cracks soiling small (ranging from 0.8mm to 6mm) are not harmful or dangerous to the structure of your home. However, it is essential to carry out work of clogging due to risks of proliferation of air, insects, mold or water intrusion.



Various factors may influence the choice of repair to be performed on the structure of your home. First, the direction, size and shape of the crack in question are the first elements to be evaluated before considering any possible repairs.

Through various techniques, the expert team of Sophie Guerin Excavation will clog your cracks, while ensuring that no moisture can meet again near the crack, thus preventing long-term drain clog or that the land is contaminated. In the case of a pyrite problem, here are some useful information:

We talk about the "problem of pyrite" to describe a phenomenon of swelling of some embankments used in residential construction. Pyrite, an iron sulfide mineral, is found in many rock formations, a soft sedimentary rock resembling clay, which could be used as fill under the foundation slabs, basements and garages.

Here's what you can observe:
►The swelling causes a raising of the garage slab.
► Cracks, often cross-shaped or star appear.
► The formation of gypsum during the chemical reaction may reveal cracks a white powder.
►Note that in some cases of irregularities of the floor.

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