Aqueduct and Sewer Repairs

As the owner of a house or building, you are responsible for maintenance and repair of waterworks piping, from inside your property to the valve closure city water. In the same vein, you are also responsible for the sanitary sewer and storm sewer, inside your building or your house to the service box with this purpose. In case of problems with your sewer and water systems, it is important to know that a repair or replacement shall be made as soon as possible.

When there are problems with the sewers of the house, here is what can be observed:

► An unusual odor and stench from toilets.
► The draining of the wastewater from the bath, sink and toilet seems slow.
► An overflow of wastewater may come from the basement and / or garage.
► The sewer backup can result from infiltration of tree roots.

You are from Montreal-Ouest, Laval, Lachine, Saint-Laurent, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Pierrefonds and you want to repair or replace your sewer and water systems? Our specialized company is well suited for this type of work, we will fill your needs without exceeding your budget, while ensuring a result that meets your expectations.
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