You have work to do in difficult spots such as those stuck between two houses, trees or with other objects that may interfere with the work you wish to do? Excavation Sophie Guerin has the expertise and specialized equipment to help you safely. The mini-excavation equipment can travel to places inaccessible to larger machines, allowing safe, precise and effective work.

For most people, excavation comes down to dig holes in the ground. However, excavation is used in several different situations: accommodate foundations, structures, roads or pipelines. To achieve a durable and reliable, in addition to complying with applicable regulations, safety rules and assets in place, it is better to hire professionals with good knowledge and experience.

Since 1994

The excavation is part of our business since our company was founded in 1994, our experienced team is accredited to perform the mini-excavation projects, from the analysis to the implementation of preparatory work, to the management of the project. Whether for planned projects or emergencies, our team uses its expertise to do mini-excavations following the rules of art.

A team of professionals at your service

You are in the Montreal-Ouest, Laval, Lachine, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Saint Laurent or Pierrefonds and you want to make a mini-excavation work? Our specialized company is designated to perform any such work - we will fill your needs without exceeding your budget, while ensuring a result that meets your expectations. We offer unbeatable service; always providing you the sum of our knowledge, our skills and experiences.
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