French Drain

A French drain is a drain pipe placed at the foot of the foundation of a house or a building to remove excess soil water. The drainage problems are one of the most common hidden defects when buying a property. However, the drains are at the heart of the stability of a building, it is essential to ensure their proper operation. Indeed, in the case of a faulty French drain, clogged, or nonexistent, the building becomes more fragile. Water can seep in and cause serious damage such as the development of bacteria and molds, concrete deterioration and water infiltration.

To find out if your home has a French drain and / or if your drain is clogged or defective, here are some checks you can do:

► Is the cement floor of the basement is still wet often?
► During rainy periods, is water seeps through the garage or basement?

Whether you are in the region of Montreal West, Laval, Lachine, Saint-Laurent, Dollard-des-Ormeaux and Pierrefonds, our company is the best choice for an installation or a repair of a French drain, we will close your needs without exceeding your budget, while ensuring a result that meets your expectations.
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